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Money Earning Project Application

Please submit this form at least four weeks prior to the project date (Highest Award project proposals must be submitted and approved prior to submission of money earning application)

Prior to submission, please review the Money Earning Project Guidelines. 

Note: You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your form, which will include a copy of the information you submit.

About money earning projects: 

  • Money-earning projects may be held by troops, service units, or individual girls/Juliettes. Juliette money-earning projects must be for Highest Awards projects or Girl Scout travel opportunities.
  • Troops/Juliettes may participate in additional money-earning activities as long as they have participated (or will participate) in the annual Cookie Program.
  • A money-earning project should be a valuable program activity for girls. The experience should give girls the opportunity to learn multiple skills, such as budgeting, goal setting, customer relations, good business practices, and public relations. 
  • Money-earning projects should be decided upon with girl input and planning.
  • The adult volunteer submitting this application must not have any financial restrictions.


 Bronze Award
 Silver Award
 Gold Award
SU 000 or Troop 00000
Enter "N/A" for Juliettes.

Purpose of Money-Earning Project:

Money-Earning Project Details:
1/1/19 - 1/31/19

By clicking "Submit," I agree to the following:

  • We will adhere to GSUSA and Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa policies and standards for money earning and group supervision as stated in Volunteer Essentials and the Money Earning Project Guidelines.
  • We will report all income and expenses related to this money-earning project on our Troop Finance Report.