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By purchasing items at one of our local council shops, or through our online store, you support girls and activities right here in our community.

From Journey books and well-deserved badges, to fun shirts and gifts, we have everything you need for the Girl Scout in your life!

You can shop online 24/7, or visit one of our five conveniently located shops throughout the Greater Iowa council.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 1, all shops will be only open 8am-5pm on Thursdays, and only Des Moines will be open the 2nd Saturday (not including Fort Dodge, their hours are not changing). Look for shopping Saturdays during back to troop in the fall!

Additional shopping options: 

  • Want to use your Munch Money or Juliette Program Credits to shop online?
    • Cookie Dough, Munch Money and Juliette Program Credits are not automatically accepted through the Official Online Store. You can use our  Online Code Request Form to have product program credits transferred to a separate code for online store purchases only. Be sure to read the guidelines on the request form carefully!
    • Please note: all Munch Money and Juliette Program Credits earned during the 2015 Fall Product Program expire September 15, 2016.  
  • By phone: 800-342-8389