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Fall Product Program

About the Program

The Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Through Girl Scouting, girls become leaders in their daily lives and prepare for bright futures!

The Fall Product Program also gives girls and troops the opportunity to sell magazine subscriptions (new and renewals) and very popular nuts and candy in order to earn quick and easy start-up money for their troop. This friends and family sale is conducted both face-to-face and online.  

Fall Product Program Resources

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  • Missed the Service Unit Product Chair training webinar? No problem! You can view it here anytime.
  • Missed the Troop Product Manager/Juliette Family training webinar? You can watch it anytime here!

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Important Dates:

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Check back soon for more important dates for 2016!

  • October 1-21, 2016: Fall Product Program - Order-Taking

Check back soon for more important dates for 2016!

Check back soon for more important dates for 2016!