• Earn start up funds for your troop! The average troop earns $290 from participating in the Fall Product Program. Troop proceeds can be used to attend council-sponsored programs, fund troop activities, or use in council shops.
  • 5 Skills: Our Product Program is more than just selling an item for money. It’s are about learning five essential life skills!
    • Goal Setting – Your Girl Scout sets individual sales goals, and with her team (parents, family, troop leader, troop), creates a plan to reach them, and develops cooperation and team building skills along the way!
    • Decision-Making – Your Girl Scout helps decide how her team will spend their troop proceeds; furthering her critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help her in many aspects of life.
    • Money Management – Your Girl Scout takes orders, handles customers’ money, and gains valuable and practical life skills around financial literacy.
    • People Skills – Your Girl Scout learns how to talk to, listen to, and work with all kinds of people. These experiences help her develop healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills she can use throughout her life.
    • Business Ethics – Your Girl Scout is honest and responsible at every step of the program. The business ethics she learns reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout.
  • It's easy! With the online magazine/photo keepsake and nut store you can have customers order online and have items shipped directly to them. Meaning you never have to pick up any product or collect any money.



Create your own Product Program with four different ways to participate!


*NEW* Magazine/Nut Online Store: Girls can click the “Magazine /Nut Online Program” button to set up their online account and start their virtual sale. Then they can email family and friends to order or renew their favorite magazine & Photo Keepsakes and purchase a large variety of nut & candy items. Using the online store is the fastest way for customers to get their items. (ADD BUTTON)

Order Card/Magazine and Photo Keepsake Forms: 

Customers have 16 great products to choose from, and since they pay when they order, delivery is a breeze.  

ReachOut Booklet: Don’t have the time to reach everyone for magazine orders?  Have girls fill out and complete the ReachOut Booklet with addresses of friends and family and turn them into the Troop Product Manager. QSP does the mailing and they guarantee no one becomes part of a mailing list.  

Project Thank You: Through this service project within the Fall Product Program, customers have the option of purchasing nut/candy items and/or Magazine & Photo Keepsake vouchers to be donated to military troops and veterans in Iowa. Delivery will be coordinated through the council and Ashdon Farms/QSP.