Summer of Service

Service is a key component to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and summer is the perfect time to lend a hand.  Unlike Take Action Projects that are built on sustainability, these service opportunities can be one-time projects that happen at your local nursing home, school yard, community garden, library reading programs, vacation bible school, and many other places.  Service work can be as varied as a one-time clean-up of a neighborhood park or volunteering with the Humane Society on a regular basis for two months.

The impact on our communities are so amazing each year through Summer of Service!


Suggested Projects (and how to turn your idea into a Service Project)

A Nice Thing To Do A Summer of Service Project
Bake cookies for Grandma Bake cookies for the shut ins in your neighborhood.  While you are delivering them, sing them a song from Girl Scouts and ask them if they were ever once Girl Scouts.
Mow your lawn Get your group together and ask your neighbors, or those that can't mow, if you can help them by mowing their lawn for one day... for the month... for the summer (for free!)
Take out the trash Safely organize a group to walk a littered section of town and clean up all the trash.
Send a card to your relative serving in the military Organize a card making party and collect things for shippable goodie boxes.  Create your own homemade cards and pack a goodie box for them, include your card and special message!
Send a card to a relative in the hospital Organize a card making party and send them to the wing of your pediatrics (or any) ward in your local hospital.  Take it a step further and (if appropriate) visit those wings and put on a special "Girl Scout song" caroling session to lift the spirits of those sick or injured in the hospital - don't forget green balloons!
Pick flowers for your mom Plant a flower garden in your local community park or school.
Donate food to your local food pantry Help your food pantry deliver meals, package meals, serve meals, sort food... call to find out what kind of volunteer assistance they need in the summer!
Visit your local animal shelter Collect food, blankets, cleaning supplies, and pet toys and deliver them to your local animal shelter.  Shelters also need people to help with the animals - so, check with them
Make a tie-blanket for your sister Organize a group of girls to help make tie-blankets and donate the blankets to your local homeless shelter

Suggested Place to Serve

  • Humane Society
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Food Pantry / Food Bank
  • School System
  • Legion Hall / VFW
  • Girl Scout local office
  • Partner with Boy Scouts
  • Youth Shelter
  • Domestic Abuse Shelter
  • Nursing Home
  • Church
  • American Red Cross
  • Health Care Center
  • City Hall
  • Day Care / Child Care Center
  • Library
  • Community Club
  • County Fair
  • Art Center
  • Military
  • Special Olympics
  • Habitat for Humanity