Girl Stories: Planting 100 Trees — 

Planting 100 trees: These Girl Scouts aren’t afraid to get muddy!

Can you imagine planting 100 trees with your troop? One group of Girl Scouts did just that to work toward their Silver Award! Troop 661 wanted to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting in 2012 by doing one big service project to earn their Silver Award—the highest award Cadettes can earn!

These 13 girls love the outdoors, and they knew they wanted to do something to give back to nature for their project. They worked with their local parks and recreation department to get ideas about what their community needed, and decided that planting 100 oxygen-producing trees would be just the thing!

On Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday this year—October 31—Troop 661 planted their 100th tree at the Science Center of Iowa! They were very excited and very muddy as they dug the hole for the tree at the event.

“I learned a lot about tree planting and how they help the environment, but I also learned that if you keep working at something for a long time, then you’ll eventually get it done,” troop member Maya said. “And when you get it done, you’ll feel really, really good afterward!”

These girls are definitely feeling good now that their 100th tree has been planted! When they started almost two years ago, it took them an hour to plant one tree. By the end of their project, they were able to plant 18 in three hours. They enjoyed it so much, that some of the girls don’t want to stop planting trees at all!

Fantastic job, girls!