Girl Stories: Cars, Confidence, and Competition — 

For approximately 9 years, the South Central Warren Service Unit has loved the excitement and challenge of participating in their annual Pinewood Derby race.  For this year’s race on February 8, girls created their own cars, either on their own or with the help of adults. 

They fashioned them to their personal style, of course, and their creativity led them to racing snowman cars, minion cars, and even a Girl Scout Cookie car!  This year, 25 girls in grades K-9, took part in this day of racing. 

 “We share an awesome electronic track with local Boy Scouts.  Girls are able to see their speed and time immediately as well as watch multiple races.  They love to cheer each other on and watch how their own cars perform,” said MyLisa Thompson, the Service Unit Manager.

The purpose of participating in the derby goes beyond the competition on that day.  As girls create their cars, they are learning about engineering, math, and science.  The more years that they participate, the more they learn about what it takes to get the right balance, weight, and aerodynamics to their cars. 

“Some girls have an opportunity to spend quality time with their dads while they make their cars.  We also have a local Boy Scout leader who opens up his shop to girls that want assistance.  The girls are all learning how to work together as well.  Older girls help the younger girls – and they all encourage each other,” Thompson said.

To add to this great family event, dads even have their own race, called the “outlaw race,” which can get even more competitive!

The girls always have a great time and one Girl Scout notes that the reason she comes back year after year is not only for the fun, but that she loves the competition and “is trying to win!”  Thank you, South Central Warren Service Unit, for creating an event where girls can thrive, have fun, learn valuable STEM skills, and enjoy healthy competition!