Girl Stories: Girls Taking the Lead — 

Four members of Troop #40505 will start their school year in the fall as part of iLead, their Council Bluffs school’s leadership team.  This opportunity is offered to a select few students who go through an application, essay, and reference process.  Members’ grades must be high and they must show their leadership ability in and out of the classroom. Because of the content of their responsibilities, it is a great confidence booster as well.
Last year, two of the girls were part of iLead and were able to give tours to incoming 5th grade students who were visiting the Middle School for the first time.  Laury, their troop leader, explains that “[They also] created motivational posters and displayed them throughout the school, took on responsibilities such as collecting recycling from the classrooms and even took on the task of collecting box tops and pop tabs. They came to school early to put sticky notes on everyone's lockers with nice comments and the entire iLead team (6th-8th grade) volunteered to be Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army for a couple nights after school one week.”
They are able to plan together and work as a team; and, working alongside peers has given them great perspective.  “Being on the leadership team has reinforced my belief that just because other people treat someone one way does not mean that I have to treat them that way too,” one troop member said. “I learned to never change who you really are.”  
Girl Scouts are our future leaders; and we are proud of the girls of Troop #40505 for exhibiting and expanding their leadership skills!  They will certainly make a positive impact at their school and with their peers.