Girl Stories: Taking on Water Pollution — 

The Bronze Award, the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can achieve, is in sight for twelve members of one Ankeny Girl Scout troop.
After a brainstorming session at the beginning of the year, the girls decided on a “project to raise awareness about storm water pollution,” states troop leader, Kelly.  She explains, “One of the troop moms is the environmental engineer for the city of Ankeny so she has talked to the girls in the past about rain gardens and water conservation. She gave the girls an excellent presentation about groundwater to kick off our research. The girls had a garage sale last summer and we used funds from that to purchase 130 decals to be placed on storm drains around the girls' neighborhoods. The decals say ‘No Dumping, Drains to Waterways: Be the solution to storm water pollution’ and ‘Don't Pollute, Flows to Waterways’.”  One troop member has learned through this project that, “a crazy amount of trash gets washed into gutters which causes a lot of pollution.”   
The girls took the project into their schools where they created and handed out brochures about their work.  The girls also set up a booth at their local farmer’s market to raise awareness.   They plan to continue their public awareness by handing out brochures to their neighbors, and leaving them at their local library, city hall, and parks and recreation offices as well.  In addition, the girls recently toured the Des Moines Water Works where they learned even more about how water is cleaned for use in our homes.
“It's been a busy spring since much of the work needed to be done outside, but I think the girls have learned a deep appreciation for clean water and they have a much better understanding of what raising awareness means,” Kelly said. “Some of them have gained great skills through talking to others about the troop project.”
Thank you for sharing this fantastic Bronze Award project with us!  Way to go, girls!