Girl Stories: Government in Action! — 

Have you ever wondered how our own Iowa government works? Or thought about going into politics? Fourteen Ambassador Girl Scouts from across the state saw the Iowa Government in action on Feb. 5 during the annual Capitol Girls event in Des Moines.

This event gives girls wonderful opportunities to shadow their local legislators, and meet with female legislators for an inside look at being a woman in politics.

Some of the girls who attended this year’s event, including Devon from Shenandoah and Katie from Urbandale, were new Girl Scouts who joined because they were so excited about having such a wonderful opportunity.

Why did these girls think Capitol Girls was so unique?

“I was definitely interested in government-related things. We were talking about this event in government class, and I was excited about applying what I learned,” Katie said. “My favorite part was meeting the Lieutenant Governor and seeing what she had to say about how women are powerful, and we can do anything we want to do.”

“My favorite part of today was getting to interact with my senator one of her normal days,” Devon said. “Usually when you see them, they have time to say, ‘Oh hey, gotta be running!’ But here you’re running with them; you get to be there, be a part of it, and see what’s going on day-to-day for them.”

Does Capitol Girls sound like something you’d be interested in experiencing for yourself? “Definitely go for it!” Devon says. “If you’re busy, it’s great—you come up here for a day and get an amazing experience. You get to talk to people who are essentially going to be setting up things that affect your future. Definitely come up and take advantage of the chance to meet these people and make connections like that.”

Capitol Girls takes place every year for Girl Scouts in grades 9-12, and we’d love to see YOU on the beautiful staircase inside the capitol building next year (or in a few years)! Keep an eye out each spring for more information on how to register for this one-of-a-kind event.

Want another opportunity to see the government in action? Don't forget our annual Girl Scouts Day at the Capitol event on March 20! Register online today.