Girl Stories: Daisies and Dads Make Their School Courtyard a Better Place  — 

Mason City Daisy Troop 20090 went through the Daisy Flower Garden Journey this school year and noticed that their own school courtyard garden needed some care.   Their leader, Blanchard Byrne, said, “The girls learned what a garden needs from their Journey stories and decided that this courtyard area needed some attention.  They picked up the garbage and learned what goes in a yard materials recycling bag and what is garbage.  While [their] Dads loosened the ground, girls pulled weeds, learned how to be careful with their feet around the flowers that were just starting to come up, and learned which were ‘baby flowers’ and which were weeds.  They then learned which tools to use to dig a hole deep enough for the roots of their flowers and planted flowers around the perimeter of the garden.”

The seven Girl Scouts enjoyed giving their dads directions where to dig as they planted daisies and other flowers that will be able to survive the summer with only nature to care for them.   The entire planting time took close to an hour during their regular meeting time.  Girls wanted to plant even more flowers when they were done saying, “this was fun!”

The girls earned their “Rosie Petal” with this project and they will enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor next year as they walk by the courtyard on their way to class. Great work, Newman Daisy Troop!  Thank you for taking the time and using your skills to make the world a better place!

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