Spring Leader Retreat

April 26, 2014

Camp Tanglefoot, Clear Lake, IA

Our Spring Volunteer Retreat is a single day of sessions to enhance your experience as a volunteer and making a difference in a girl’s life.  If you would like to make a weekend of it, and don’t mind sleeping on mattresses on the floor, plan on spending the night Friday and/or Saturday night.  Relive your younger days with slumber party 101 Saturday evening.  We will have a Scout’s Own Ceremony on Sunday morning before going our separate ways. Engage in easy, meaningful and fun learning and enrichment opportunities. Network with old friends and new or just relax and enjoy the Springtime.

When:  April 26, 2014

Where: Camp Tanglefoot, Clear Lake, IA

Cost: $20 +

Registration Form (download and fax or mail to register)

Questions?  Email us at volunteer@gsiowa.org

Session Information:  (download)


Basic Outdoor Awareness (BOA) is the prerequisite for several other trainings including all outdoor sessions. Get the extra tools you need to guide your girls in the directions they wish to go. You will learn about progressions, connect with other leaders, day trips, and get some ideas for exploring outside your normal meeting place in a safe way.

Please bring your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, and a pen and paper. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a jacket. Weather permitting we might be outside for a short portion of the course.  “Be prepared” for fun and the weather!

CPR/First Aid

This basic level is for the adult acting as the first aider for most troop activities and is valid for two years through the American Red Cross.  The non-refundable fee of $25 for this course covers materials and supplies.  The fee is required when you register.  If you register and then are unable to attend, we will transfer you to the next available course.  Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to spend some time sitting or lying on the floor.   Participants with a medical condition or disability that would prevent them from taking part in practice sessions should call and discuss it prior to attending.

Equipped for the Journey

Teaching a Journey can be fun and exciting.  In this session you will explore how to unlock the Journey books to lead the girls towards greater discoveries.     

Girl Scout Traditions (Songs & Games)

Girl Scouting is rich with traditions.  Some of our traditions are regional, some are history based and some are new just waiting to become a tradition.  Join us as we explore the history, the back story and learn some traditions that you can share with your girls.  Share the traditions from your area, your troop, or your memory.  We will share resources. 

Leader Roundtable

This is an opportunity to join with other volunteers to discuss the topics you have preselected.  When you register please give us a topic to add to the discussion board.  The leader roundtable will be different each session.

Outdoor Skills 1

Is required when taking your troop on a simple over night, skills will include: preparing for a simple overnight, basic meal planning, how to cook on a propane stove and safely cook on a fire place. 

Outdoor Skills 2

Is your next step on taking your girls in the out of doors?  Camping for the weekend, you will learn how to set up camp, advanced meal planning, and the many ways in cooking outside. 

Tour of Camp

If you have never had a chance to visit Camp Tanglefoot, or would like to take a walk around to see what’s new, this is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and see everything our camp location has to offer.

Trip and Travel 1

Traveling with a group of girls is different than traveling with your family.  Join us as we learn the basics for group travel including planning, itineraries, transportation, budgets, group dynamics, safety, insurance, and more.  This training fulfills the requirement for travel up to three nights.