Gold Award

Since 1916, Girl Scout’s highest award has stood for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors (grades 9-10) and Ambassadors (grades 11-12) can earn.

As part of a movement of 10 million girls world wide, you are in an exceptional position to take action in your community to make the world a better place.  By earning the Girl Scout Gold Award, you will be joining the ranks of generations of young women who have made a difference in their communities both locally and globally.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award that Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can earn. Fulfilling the requirements for the Girl Scout Gold Award starts with completing two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Leadership journeys or having earned the Silver Award and completing one Senior or Ambassador Leadership journey. Each leadership journey you complete gives you the skills you need to plan and implement your Gold Award project.

Steps to earn earn the Girl Scout Gold Award

Each step you take toward making a difference in the world around you gives you a great chance to learn and grow, and that will make your award project an amazing one!

Complete Journeys
Journey and Silver Award
Complete two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout Journeys
Earn the Girl Scout Silver Award and complete one Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout Journey.
Attend Training

Attend a council designed training.

To schedule training contact a program manager in any Leadership Center. Please note a minimum number of participants may be required to hold training.

Choose and Issue Use your values and skills to identify a community issue you care about.
Investigate Research everything you can about the issue.
Get Help Invite others to support and take action with you.
Create a Plan Create a project plan that achieves sustainable and measurable impact.
Present your Plan and get Feedback from the Council Submit your project proposal to the council for approval.
Take Action Take the lead to carry out your plan.
Educate and Inspire

Share what you have experienced with others.

Submit your Project on "The Map" through Girl Scouts of the USA and let everyone know about your project!

Submit Report Submit final report to the council.


Gold Award Forms 
Please contact your nearest Leadership Center for more information.


2012 - 2013 Gold Award Recipient Video



2011-2012 Gold Award Recipient Video