As a donor, you have the privilege to give girls the opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence, develop leadership skills, strengthen character, and feel a sense of belonging while experiencing fun and adventure through our Girl Scout Programs.

Your donations help girls overcome the barriers they face each day to reaching their full potential, making a profound difference in the decisions they make and the outcome of their lives.  These girls are our future leaders, we must boldly support them for their worth and stop putting them on the discount rack.  These girls have amazing potential!

The Girl Scout Research Institute findings indicate that girls who participate in Girl Scouts...

  • graduate at a higher rate
  • attain more degrees
  • earn higher income
  • volunteer in their communities and
  • consider themselves more successful than their peers. 

Be proud, your donations to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa are changing lives!


Securely donate online to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. 

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  For 100 years, Girl Scouts has done more than any other organization to provide leadership opportunities specifically for girls. Our alumnae are living proof of the positive impact of Girl Scouting in the world.
  There are multiple ways to support Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.
  Community Support is vital to the success of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  During the course of our Girl Scout year, we host special events.  Attendees of these events show and give support to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.
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