Summer Camp FAQs

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about summer camp.  If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please email our camp registrar or our individual camp directors - we're happy to help!  We are looking forward to seeing you at camp!

FAQ categories:



How do I register my daughter for camp?

You can register on our secure website from the Camp drop-down menu.  Paper registration forms can also be mailed to the Des Moines Leadership Center ATTN: Camp Registrar 10715 Hickman Road Des Moines, IA 50322. 

Check out our Registering for Camp video tutorial for a helpful walkthrough!

Questions about registration?  Call 1-800-342-8389 or your local Leadership Center.

Should I register my daughter for the grade level she has just completed or the grade she is entering?

Grade levels are based on the grade girls will enter in the next fall (if your daughter just completed 3rd grade, she will enroll in programs for 4th grade girls). 

Is a deposit required for camp?

Yes, GSGI requires a non-refundable $30 deposit for each session due with the Registration Form, which is applied to the total cost of the camp session. Forms received without the deposit will be returned. Cookie Dough, Munch Money, and Program Credits cannot be used for deposits. If you are requesting a campership to help cover the cost and are unable to pay the $30 deposit, please provide a written explanation.  For Day Camps or camp sessions that cost less than $30, the full amount must be paid at the time of registration.

Does my daughter have to register as a Girl Scout to attend your camp?

Yes. If your daughter is not a Girl Scout, you will need to pay an additional $15 for her annual dues prior to camp.

My daughter is sick and won’t be able to attend.  Will I be able to get a refund?

Partial refunds are made only if a girl becomes ill prior to the start of her session and cannot attend.  A physician’s note is required and a request for the refund must be submitted in writing to the Des Moines Leadership Center within one week after the camp session.  No refunds are given if a girl returns home during camp because of illness, injury, homesickness, inappropriate behavior, or any other circumstance.  


Paying for Camp

Do you offer financial assistance to help pay for camp?

Need-based camperships are available for one session to those girls demonstrating need.  The Campership Application must be completed and attached to the camp registration or completed during the online registration.  Notification will be sent in the mail separate from the confirmation packet. 


At Camp

Can my daughter bunk with her friend(s)?

To encourage them to make new friends and gain independence at camp, girls will have the option of choosing ONE buddy request for their tent/bunk which must be mutual and specified on both registration forms. Earn $10 Trading Post credit if your buddy has never attended a Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa camp before. Just check the box next to the buddy section of the form.

What can we expect on check-in day?

Staff will meet your vehicle, directing you where to park and check in. Please note that we are unable to accommodate early check-ins. To expedite the check-in process, make sure you have mailed in all of your camp paperwork ahead of time.  Girls and adults attending camp programs will then undergo a brief health screening.  Girls and adults found to have a high temperature or contagious illness/disease will be sent home.  All participants are checked for head lice.  If any evidence of head lice is found, the camper will be sent home for treatment and must be cleared by a doctor before being allowed back to camp.  The Camp Director or designated Health Staff Representative reserves the right to refuse admittance to any girl/adult who does not meet acceptable health conditions.  

How can I help my daughter prepare to be at camp for the first time?

Most girls feel a little homesick from time to time when they are at camp, whether it is their first year or their tenth!  You can help prepare your daughter for camp by discussing with her what types of feelings she might experience while she is at camp and the best way to handle them, and also by having sleepover at a friend or relative’s house.   For additional information about helping you and your daughter cope with going away to camp, please click here.

Can camp accommodate my daughter’s dietary needs?

If your daughter has special dietary needs, contact the appropriate Camp Director at least two weeks prior to your daughter’s arrival at camp.  You can discuss the nature of your camper’s needs and gather additional information to determine if the camp can provide the proper support and accommodations for your camper.

Can my daughter attend camp if she has a chronic medical condition?

We handle each situation on a case-by-case basis. If a camper has a special medical condition, it is the policy of the Council to work with the parent to help us determine what the appropriate accommodations might be, keeping the girl’s health and safety as the priority. Typically, we are able to offer the following accommodations for a girl with a medical condition:

  • Offer that she attend another camp with a full-time nurse on staff.
  • Offer that a parent attend camp with her at no additional fee.
  • Offer that a close friend/caregiver, familiar with her medical needs, attend camp with her at no additional fee.

How do you handle inclement weather?

All Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa summer camps have emergency weather procedures in place.  We reserve the right to alter scheduled activities due to weather conditions.  Alternative options will be offered to replace an activity cancelled due to weather.  No refunds or adjustments in fees will be made as a result of weather-related changes.

How do you handle behavioral problems at camp?

Campers are expected to adhere to the behavioral standards outlined in our Code of Conduct pledge.  Campers exhibiting inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to: physical violence, excessive profanity, disrespectful behavior, or bullying, will be sent home without a refund.