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GSGI’s Girl Scout Cookie Program Gets Girls to Girl Scout Camp

Girl Scout camp registration is now open and Girl Scouts throughout Greater Iowa are working to meet their cookie program goals. Many of these goals include selling enough cookies to fund a trip to Girl Scout camp this summer. For each package of cookies sold, girls and their troop receive funds – these funds can be used to pay for day or week long sessions at GSGI’s resident camps for individual girls and entire troops. Girls can also use what they earn selling Girl Scout Cookies at camp trading posts. Girls make new acquaintances and are connected with longstanding friends at Girl Scout camp. They earn outdoor badges. They challenge themselves while developing lifelong skills and creating lasting memories.

Girl Scout Cookie sales also support maintenance and updates to GSGI’s three Girl Scout camps: Camp Juliette in Marshalltown, IA, Camp Sacajawea outside of Boone, IA, and Camp Tanglefoot, on the shores of Clear Lake, IA. While each camp has its own personality, all three fulfill the mission to provide remarkable outdoor learning opportunities where girls can explore and grow together. Revenue from GSGI’s Girl Scout Cookie Program funds camp capital projects like the challenge course updates at Camp Sacajawea and Camp Tanglefoot this year. These improvements and additions are major undertakings that are possible only with funds from our Girl Scout Cookie Program. Revenue from the Girl Scout Cookie Program also goes toward projects to update (less glamorous but no less necessary!) frequently used elements like fans, floors, and fire suppression systems. Recent improvements to GSGI’s Girl Scout camps include new docking, a new pontoon, new cabins, and swimming pool updates.

Funding from supporters helps GSGI keep Girl Scout camp registration costs relatively low for girls and their families. Girl Scout Cookie Program proceeds help so many girls reach their goals – 100% of the funds raised by local Girl Scouts stay in the area and help subsidize the costs of programs and camp registration. This ensure Girl Scout camp remains affordable for every girl who wants to get outdoors and make a difference.