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Back in the Saddle

Girls in Community Troop 51561 went horseback riding recently, many for the first time. Catarina was so anxious that day. She had moved to Iowa from Texas and had been horseback riding before, but didn’t think she could do it again because the last time she had been thrown off the horse. She looked nervously around her, as tears welled in her eyes. GSGI staff troop leader Kait gently encouraged her while making her feel safe. They went over to the horse and softly touched it. When it was her turn to ascend her horse, she wailed for her parent to help her and be near her.

With the support of her parent and Kait, Catarina made it onto her horse. Her parent climbed on the horse next to her. They started slowly, making careful loops around the arena. By the end of her ride, Catarina was so comfortable with her horse she was saying, “This is amazing!” and “I want to do this again!” She got down off the horse, ran to Kait, and said, “Miss Kait! I conquered my fear!”

In such a short time, Catarina’s life was changed. Catarina discovered something happens inside us when we face our fears. She developed courage and resilience. Catarina might not recognize the wisdom and compassion that comes from facing her fears for years to come. Girls like Catarina have lifechanging experiences like these throughout their Girl Scout journeys. Support from donors like you helps make this possible for so many girls in our communities.