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Johnston Troop Partners with Local Sorority to Earn Fun Badge

Science of Happiness 2

Recently, Troop 349 based out of Johnston had the opportunity to experience and see firsthand the power of sisterhood through an unexpected partnership with a local sorority.

For most of this Girl Scouting year, the six Girl Scouts in Troop 349 have been working hard on their Silver Award project. The Girl Scouts recently took a break to earn a fun badge with the help of the Alpha Phi sorority at Drake University.

According to troop leader, Kristin Sullivan, the idea of partnering was brought up while she and her three Girl Scout daughters, were selling Girl Scout cookies at the sorority house.

“While we were there, one of the girls reach out, and she was like ‘Hey we have this weekend of service coming up. Can we help you with a badge?’” said Sullivan.

Excited about how this partnership could impact the girls in her troop, Sullivan accepted the offer, and she and the girls started looking through the badge options.

The troop decided on the Science of Happiness badge since it could be complete in one afternoon and because of the potential everyone saw behind the badge.

“These girls are all 8th graders going into high school, and the badge looked like it had a lot of things that could be really useful tools outside of a fun afternoon,” said Sullivan.

After sharing the badge selection with Alpha Phi, the sorority members then got to work as they prepared the agenda and activities for the upcoming troop meeting.

Sullivan’s daughter, Emily, who is in Troop 349, shared that in addition to doing icebreakers, talking about self-affirmation and body positivity, and receiving tips on how to navigate the last year of middle school, she and her troop also learned about journaling during the Alpha Phi-led meeting.

“We talked about how people use journaling to keep their emotions under control,” said Emily. “We talked about ways to stay happy in life, how to keep a positive outlook and the emotional words that define us.”

According to Emily and Sullivan, members of Alpha Phi even shared the emotional words that described them and how they used those words to help with the majors they chose and the career paths they decided to go down.

“To meet someone who is in college, who is not related to me, was really cool,” said Emily. “It was reassuring to know that even though I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get to where I want to be in life, that doesn’t matter right now. I can figure it out and cross that bridge when I come to it.”

Each Girl Scout in Troop 349 went home that day with a gratitude journal, which most still use to this day, and reassurance that they are on the right path in life.

Troop 349 hopes to continue identifying other community partners and plan more meetings and activities like the one with Alpha Phi.

“It was such a fun afternoon for them [Troop 349], and it was just a really nice way to get the two sisterhoods together and talking to each other,” said Sullivan. “It was a win-win.”