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Girl Scouts Spend Day Full of Snowy Adventures

Winter Day Camp

For over a decade, Camp Tanglefoot in Clear Lake has hosted a Winter Day Camp for Girl Scouts to visit and enjoy camp in the snow. Filled with sledding, cross-country skiing, and other winter activities, girls experience camp in a completely different setting than they’re used to. Instead of muggy, buggy nights under the stars next to a campfire, girls bundle up to roll in the snow and enjoy the fresh winter air.

This year, January 8 at Camp Tanglefoot, was no different. On what Camp Director Julia Mannes considers a lucky 30 degree day, 13 Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts arrived at a snow-filled camp for a day full of winter fun.

Led by camp counselors and counselors-in-training, girls started their day sledding on the many rolling hills of camp. After a quick snack, the girls split into groups – some worked on crafts inside while others ventured out to try cross-country skiing. The girls then took a break for their sack lunches from home before heading back out for more adventure. The afternoon was spent playing outdoors, snow castles and forts, snow painting, and more sledding!

“Camp looks so different in the winter,” said Mannes, “You can see through everything. It’s fun to be at camp but do totally different things.”

While the main goal of Winter Day Camp is fun, it’s also a great time for Girl Scouts to step out of their comfort zones and try new things – like cross-country skiing.

“Skiing is something that [most] girls have never done before…It’s not difficult but there is definitely strategies to make it more fun. Some girls get it right away, while other really struggle. There’s a lot of perseverance…and it’s always fun to see their faces when they come back saying, ‘We went skiing!’,” said Mannes.

It’s just one day every winter, but Mannes hopes the taste of new winter adventure will encourage girls to try more new things.

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