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Outreach Programming Brings Girls to Camp Tanglefoot

With less than a month left in the summer, eight Girl Scouts from a variety of GSGI’s Community Troops made the trek up to Camp Tanglefoot for a sweet taste of day camp.

Loading up in the Girl Scout van as the sun crept over the horizon, the girls carried backpacks of sunscreen and snacks, and wore nervous yet excited smiles.

After 30 minutes of games and laughing, the van quieted as the girls settled in for the drive. Within two short hours, the van exited the interstate and turned onto the winding roads of Clear Lake.

As the girls hopped out of the van, they checked into camp and were assigned camp counselors and a schedule for the day. From there, the real fun began.

The Girl Scouts spent their morning playing yard games in the meadow and aiming for targets at archery. At lunch, they gathered with the other girls from camp and sang songs before enjoying lunch on a picnic table. After lunch, the fun continued. Girls split into groups, some playing with face paint and running through a sprinkler while others created tie-dye pillowcases to take home. All girls enjoyed the sticky, sweet, camp favorite - s’mores on the campfire. The day wrapped up in the lake. Buckled into life jackets, girls eagerly jumped and splashed into the water where they played games with Camp Director Julia Mannes. The shrieks of joy were loud and contagious.

As the girls cleaned up and dried off, the bus was loaded as quickly as it was unloaded, and back on the road to return to Des Moines. The drive home was quiet as girls gave into the exhaustion from the day and dozed in and out of sleep. As the van pulled back into the school parking lot, girls ran to their parents with smiles, hugs, and lots of memories to share.

This trip to Camp Tanglefoot for Community Troop Girl Scouts was made possible by a sponsorship from Famers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa. If you’re interested in helping create more opportunities to get girls outdoors, please contact