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Juliette Girl Scout’s passion for service fuels her Girl Scout experience

Christin Richmond’s nine-year-old daughter Isabelle, “Izzy”, became a Girl Scout as soon as she was old enough.

“I was a Girl Scout, Brownies through Juniors, and I enjoyed it immensely…I couldn’t wait for her to get into Kindergarten so she could do it,” said Richmond.

“I knew the average dance team wasn’t going to work [for Izzy], so I knew we needed to do Girl Scouts,” said Richmond.

Their family set out to start a Troop for their neighborhood. When that didn’t work, they explored the Juliette program, an alternative for girls of all ages to participate in Girl Scouting independently with a parent or other adult mentor. Juliettes can attend all council-sponsored programming, earn badges and patches, sell cookies, and attend camp. The main difference is that they don’t attend Troop meetings.

Four years later and Izzy is flourishing as a Juliette. She’s passionate about service projects, having worked to collect and donate items to pet shelters, hosting school supply and backpack drives for her community, and more. Her most notable project is their annual “Teddy Bear Tea” event, where Izzy collects stuffed animals for children in the foster care system.

“She just blossoms with her joy for other people. She wants to adopt everybody int our family,” said Richmond

As a Juliette, the Richmond family has some flexibility in what Girl Scouting looks like for them. Prior to COVID, they’d set aside an hour each Tuesday to work on Girl Scouts. Now, they’re working on programming whenever they find time.

“Sometimes it’s a ‘we do it in a day’ thing, sometimes over a span of time. It depends on the badge, and how we go about earning the badge. We do a lot on the weekend so it can be a family affair,” said Richmond.

Izzy’s love for others and her love for Girl Scouting is contagious, her smile says it all. And Christin sees first-hand how much Izzy has grown.

“I’ve really seen her grow in making friends and communicating with others well. Just having the confidence in herself to do different tasks. She’s grown immensely in the past 4 years. She has a giving heart, and her heart keeps growing and growing through these service projects…We are looking forward to what Girl Scouts is going to bring into our lives in the future, she has huge goals,” said Richmond.