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Waukee Troops Bridge from a Distance

Waukee Troop #507’s leader, Laura Hollen, has led Girl Scout Troops for many years in both Connecticut and now Iowa. She also serves as the Waukee area’s Service Unit treasurer. As such, she’s involved in the annual bridging ceremony for their Girl Scouts.

Bridging is a long-held tradition in Girl Scouts that signifies the “bridge” to the next level of Girl Scouts. Girls bridge from Daisy to Brownie, Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, and so on, typically by walking across some sort of a bridge-like platform.

Waukee Girl Scouts have hosted an outdoor bridging ceremony for a while, but with COVID restrictions this spring, their normal plans got pushed back and needed to adapt.

“After attending and seeing many drive-thru events online this year, it just seemed appropriate to apply this to Girl Scouts as well,” said Hollen, who spear-headed the project.

Hollen and her husband (who is also a Girl Scout volunteer) worked hard to think outside of the box to make the ceremony special, memorable, and well…colorful!

“The arch just needed to happen,” she said.

Yes, that’s right – Hollen and her husband crafted a massive rainbow balloon arch, tall enough for cars to drive through. In addition to the arch, volunteers created signs to recognize all the bridging Girl Scouts.

“We cheered the girls on as they drove through the arch and you could see them light up with big smiles on their faces. I think it really made them feel special…We had one girl blowing bubbles out her window and one troop drove through twice,” said Hollen.

A day of balloons and celebration made for lasting memories for Waukee Girl Scouts.