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Full Hearts Show Love ♥


Full hearts show love. ♥ Please accept our gift to you. Read below to learn more. 

My goal is to fill your hearts with inspiration.
It is safe to say the past 8 weeks have been among some of the most uncertain that any of us can remember in our lifetimes, often feeling like an emotional roller coaster. At times I’m filled with profound grief, other times deep gratitude. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has been felt by individuals and families, businesses, non-profits, and communities across our council, our country, and the globe.
And yet, the response to this crisis has been extraordinary for what it has revealed of us as people, as a movement, and as a council.
It has reminded us to pause and embrace something profound about ourselves: our deeply-felt wish to be connected with one another and to Show Love.
Girl Scouts in Greater Iowa and beyond have sparked hope and shown love to others. You’ve come together and sewn masks, provided cookies and supplies for essential workers, shown grace and patience as we adapted our programs and services, and embraced wholly what it means to make the world a better place. It’s nothing short of remarkable.
The role of connector is one we're privileged to play in your life – which is why we’re taking time to Show Love to you, our Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa members, by offering you the gift of membership. For you, our volunteers, girls, moms, dads, and families, our gift of membership is rooted in deep appreciation, an investment in your tomorrow, and to acknowledge the incredible brightness you’ve brought to this dark chapter.
Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa is offering the gift of membership for all participating girls and adults for the 2020-21 year.
As spring blooms and brings us a new horizon, we feel a small sense of routine and enormous hope in kicking off our annual Early Bird initiative, marking the first buds of our next chapter. While all GSGI members still have the traditional renewal channels in MyGS available for purchasing the $25 annual membership benefits from Girl Scouts of the USA, our hope is that you’ll allow GSGI to make the purchase on your behalf if it alleviates any general anxiety, uncertainty, or financial stress you or your girls may be facing. We’re in this together.
Use this form to request your FREE 2020-2021 Girl Scout membership(s). This is applicable for returning members of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa and new** members.
If you choose to respectfully decline this offer and utilize your own financial resources, you may complete your membership renewal through MyGS

There are Early Bird incentives for Troops and Girls who renew their memberships by June 30, 2020. You can check with your troop leader or learn more about Early Bird on The Bridge
One thing is certain: seasons come and go. Girl Scouts have a remarkable history of weathering the storms and together, we’ll endure this one.

Stay safe, be kind, show love. ♥
Beth Shelton (GSGI CEO, Troop Leader to many, Mom to a few)

**New members will have a membership active starting July 1, 2020.