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National Volunteer Week - Celebrating Kathy Eck

April 19-25, 2020 marks National Volunteer Week. Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa is proud to have 3,000 adult volunteers apart of our organization, helping to grow our future leaders. Kathy Eck, a longtime Girl Scout in her community, is retiring from her role at the end of this year but not without memories full of courage, confidence, and character.

Eck is what one might call the heart of her local Girl Scout community. Not only was she the leader of her daughters’ Girl Scout Troop for many years, but since they’ve grown and graduated, she’s continued to lead the Humboldt area Girl Scouts as the “leader to the leaders”. Kathy is the Service Unit Manager; she helps coordinate Girl Scout troops and cookie sales in her community as well as offers support and advice to fellow troop leaders through monthly meetings.

“Kathy knows what it means to be a Girl Scout and truly lives by the Promise and Law, every day. She is always ready to lend a helpful hand and be a friend,” said a local Girl Scout Troop leader.

Eck’s biggest annual events include the 4th of July Parade, summer bonfire, and G.S. Fun Night – all events held locally, put on by the local troop leaders. Eck is an outstanding leader that draws others in, building them into better leaders. Leaders feel she is truly making the world a better place through her commitment to Girl Scouts and her community.

“It’s because of Kathy, the girls in our community will grow up with the opportunity to become a part of something much bigger than themselves,” said a local Girl Scout Troop leader.

Eck has been recognized with the 2020 Thanks Badge, an honor given to an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership, and service have had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting the mission delivery goals and priorities of the entire Girl Scout Movement. The outstanding service performed by the recipient is so significantly above and beyond the call of duty that no other award would be appropriate. And that is Service Unit Manager, Kathy Eck.

Congratulations to Eck on her retirement from Girl Scout volunteering, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa is proud to call her a long-time volunteer and Girl Scout.

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