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Local Troop Leaders Make Masks for Entire Service Unit

Lake Mills Troop Leader Robin Singlestad has been on a mission to serve her local community the past few months, including the local Girl Scouts. When COVID began, she found a lot of time at home with little to do, so she decided to make some masks.

“I put on Facebook that if anyone needed a mask, I could make them one. I wasn’t getting any response, but then my daughters posted on their Facebook, I had over 30 orders in one day” said Singlestad.

With the initial orders, she began making as many masks as she could. She started with about 350 she donated to the local Welcome Center. Then, while on a trip through a local craft store, Singlestad found a Girl Scout material, printed with cookies.

“I figured, well, there’s only 80 to make [for all Girl Scouts in the community] and I could do that in no time,” she said.

And she didn’t stop there. As of early August, Singelstad has created a mask for all students from preschool to 8th grade in their community. She’s created matching masks for the marching band and their upcoming season. And she even made matching masks for her daughter and her graduating class this summer.

Overall, Singlestad has created over 2,000 masks with at least 1,500 of them donated to her community.

“It was basically just so I could fill my time…to feel like I could do something for others that had to go out to work,” she said.

Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa relies on over 3,000 adult volunteers each year to help foster the development of our future women leaders through Girl Scouting. Leading a service project like this is an incredible example of the work our volunteers put into the Girl Scout mission, as well as the role they play as role models and supporters of their girls and troops.

You can register to become a Girl Scout volunteer today!