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CEO Spotlight - What's Beth Been Up To?

Beth Shelton, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, speaker, strategist and change-maker, has truly been shaking up workplace norms in organizations far beyond just Girl Scouts. From stages across the country, Beth’s message is one of servant leadership and kindness and ways to apply those priorities into workplace benefits.

In October, Beth spoke at the Seattle Interactive Conference about disruption. The conference spotlights the convergence of technology, creativity and culture, something Beth has navigated quite well at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa since she became CEO in January of 2016.

Beth shared her passionate message of recognizing the human side of workplace culture and benefits, titled “How a Lot of Disruption…And a Few Babies…Transformed our Culture”, to a packed room of conference attendees. She also spoke at the LPGA Walmart Women’s Empowerment Summit, The National Academy of Sciences, Women Lead Change and most recently, The Rosalind Franklin Colloquium in Philadelphia, where President Emerita of MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr. Susan Hockfield, sought Beth out personally to talk about the way Girl Scouts impacted her life.

From science and technology events to human resources conferences, Beth’s message resonates across all industries.

“I spoke at a conference recently and as I exited the stage an attendee came up to share with me that she was so inspired that she called one of her employees who was actively on maternity leave, to extend her paid leave and increase their organizational benefits. That’s why this conversation matters, we can impact meaningful and lasting change that improves the world,” Beth said.

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