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And the New Girl Scout Cookie is...

It's always fun when a new Girl Scout Cookie is announced. Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa’s CEO Beth Shelton gives us some insider details on the new treat.

“Am I living the dream, or what? Literally my job description includes research, development and lots of tastings of potential new Girl Scout cookies” said Beth.

“It’s a lot of fun but ultimately of course very data-based. We partner with our two national bakeries to look at emerging flavor trends in the market and then administer consumer testing. With our top three concepts we evaluate price, shelf life, cookie textures and shapes, unique position in the cookie market. Allergens, sustainably sourced ingredients, and environmental impact in packaging are all important areas we have to evaluate and execute.  Intellectual property and trademark research comes into play with the naming process. All in all, as a small group, we plan 3-4 years out for most new product decisions. It’s rigorous and delicious at the same time!”

The new cookie, named aptly “Toast-YAY!™”, is inspired by the taste of French toast. The cookie, shaped like a piece of toast, packs a rich, warm flavor of cinnamon and spice. It’s topped with a light, sweet glaze of icing. So far, those lucky enough to have a taste all agree – this cookie is good!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is more than just fun and sweets for our Girl Scouts. When a Girl Scout sells a box of cookies, she gets a taste of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur – teamwork, planning, a positive outlook, and more! Girl and Troop experiences are powered by cookie sales. The more cookies a Girl Scout or Troop sells, the more doors they open to experiences that broaden their worlds, teach them essentials skills, and launch them into a lifetime of leadership. Plus, all proceeds from cookie sales stay local!

Adriana, the Top Cookie Seller of 2020, has been in Girl Scouts for seven years, and over that time she’s learned a lot. To reach her goal of selling 50 cookies per day she knew she’d need to work hard. So, she planned ahead, utilized social media, and shared her goal vocally to all potential buyers – including friends at school. In her first weekend, she sold over 700 packages of cookies!

But after COVID-19 hit, Adriana’s plans changed.

“My mom and I started sewing masks to donate, and people started donating money…so with the money we decided to buy cookies and later on donate to others,” she said.

Adriana donated cookies to residents at the local retirement center, to construction workers, and even semi-drivers passing through.

Not only did Adriana surpass her goal and sell a total of 6,200 packages of cookies, but she also found a way to make the world a better place by sewing masks and giving back to her community. Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, just like Adriana.

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