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Girl Scout Troops 93 and 56 - A Unique Dance Partnership

Troop 56, a brand-new group of young Brownie Girl Scouts, wanted to earn their Dancer badge this fall. Kathy Latham, Troop Leader and grandmother of one of the Girl Scouts, reached out to the GSGI Troop Leader community for recommendations on where the Troop might be able to go to earn the badge.

Christina Smith, leader of Troop 93, a group of 10 Juniors and Cadettes that have been together for many years, saw the post and decided to reach out.

“I commented on how most of my girls are in dance and in dance competition teams and would love to help their Brownie sisters with their badge requirements.” said Smith.

“I contacted her, and we agreed that this would be a win/win on both sides. We would get our Dancer Badge without paying a fee, her Troop would work towards a badge by creating and implementing the program, and my Brownies would get to share sisterhood with other Girl Scouts,” said Latham.

After reviewing the Dancer Badge requirements and multiple meetings to plan, the older girls arranged time and space at their dance studio and ran the Badge program like a dance class. The older girls led the younger girls through warm ups, lessons on many forms of dance like jazz and hip hop, a freestyle time for girls to make up their own moves, and some educational dance history stories. At the end of the class, the Brownie Troop performed the routine they learned.

“They made the class fun, and my Brownies had a blast being with them,” said Latham.

“Honestly, I have never seen my girls so motivated! They were so patient and encouraging. It made me so proud to be their leader!” said Smith.

Girl Scout Troops 56 and 93 both earned badges that day, but they also walked away with more.

“The Cadettes were able to implement something worthwhile. The Brownies were able to learn and mentor off older Girl Scouts, and together they all shared in sisterhood,” said Latham.

Donor support further fuels the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character. To support local troops like Troops 56 and 93 in their badgework this year, visit our website.