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Troop 01055 Battles Bullies with Bronze Award Project

Dayna Sprecher and Adrienne Knight co-lead  a Girl Scout Troop in Ames, Iowa.  This spring, their troop of Junior Girl Scouts (grades 4 & 5) worked on their Bronze Award project. To say the least, Sprecher was impressed.

“This project has been one of my proudest moments as a mom and a troop leader for my daughter and all the other girls who worked on it… This was a self-directed group, able to set attainable goals throughout their Bronze Award project, and meet them through hard work, dedication, and cooperation,” she said.

Half of the troop decided to focus on a project to help people.

Sprecher said, “The group narrowed down their ideas, finally settling on doing an educational video about bullying. Most of these girls had a keen interest in acting, writing scripts, or filming, so it allowed them to work this project while doing things that they enjoyed.”

Their final product, a 17-minute video with character introductions, education and skits about four types of bullying, is intended to help prevent bullying and to educate kids in 4-7th grade.

“Bullying is a problem that is timeless, and these girls just happen to be at the right age to be experiencing it, educate themselves about it, and to do something about it,” Sprecher said.

The Girl Scouts handled everything from planning and brainstorming, to writing, filming, acting and editing. The girls collaborated every step of the way, using technology to keep track of their project.

Watching bloopers was the overall favorite part of the project, but the girls also had deeper experiences.

Azalea said, “I learned a lot about many types of bullying and a lot about how we can try to prevent it.”

Marin appreciated the aspect of delegation and teamwork. “I learned about how to work together, and about splitting up work to do in and out of meetings,” she said.

Sprecher, as a mother of a Girl Scout and troop co-leader, can’t help but beam with pride.

“These girls are amazing! The level of collaboration for a group of six girls of this age makes me so proud and excited for their futures. …they took their initial idea about bullying education and watched it grow into something special.  They were so excited to show off their final video at our troop's bridging and Bronze Award Ceremony to the other troop members, parents, and guests,” she said.

The Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn, and one of the highest awards overall in Girl Scouting.  Projects are selected by the Girl Scouts and are intended to improve or benefit their community.

Seeing a Bronze Award project first-hand, Sprecher has no doubt, “These experiences are invaluable for girls.  They are given the framework from Girl Scouts to create something great while using their individual talents and imaginations.  It shows them that girls can accomplish anything they set out to do through planning and leadership skills.”

View Troop 01055’s anti-bullying video here.