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Infants join workforce at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa


Finley DeRuyter – at 14 weeks old - is already a pioneer at Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa (GSGI). She is the first child enrolled in GSGI’s new Infants-at-Work Pilot Program, created to allow parents of infants to join them at work until they are six months old. Finley has been joining her mother, GSGI’s Chief Development Officer Chelsey DeRuyter, for the last month at her office. She’s making it look easy for other potential babies that are set to join her soon.

GSGI’s Infants-at-Work program allows all parents (mothers, fathers, and guardians) to bring their infant to work with them every single day up to age six months (or when they are crawling, whichever comes first).

“With the Infants-at-Work program, we’re supporting parents in their transition back to work, and creating a space where having children and advancing your career can happen simultaneously,” says Beth Shelton, GSGI Chief Executive Officer and mother of three. “This program is also a great way for us to attract and retain amazing talent, support women who choose to nurse, and support babies in a developmental period of importance. With seven babies born or coming soon, we knew this would be a good time to try it out.”

The Infants-at-Work Pilot Program is the newest benefit added to GSGI’s other parental leave benefits, which were instituted in 2016. They include eight weeks of paid parental leave for new parents (via birth or adoption), and paid bereavement leave in the case of a miscarriage.

Basics of Infants-at-Work at GSGI:

  • Infants can join their parent or guardian until up to six months of age (or when they are crawling).
  • Other staff can volunteer to be alternate care providers for infants if mom or dad needs to be baby-free for a certain timeframe.
  • See the Blog Post from Beth Shelton, GSGI CEO for more information

GSGI Facts:

  • Currently one mother/child (Chelsey and Finley DeRuyter) are utilizing the program.
  • Two staff members are currently on parental leave with their newborns.
  • Four additional full-time staff members (out of 45 employees) are expecting in 2019.
  • Named a Top Iowa Workplace by the Des Moines Register in 2018, based on staff survey results conducted by a third party.
  • GSGI has office locations in Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Mason City, and Sioux City, as well as four camp properties across the region.

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