Girl Scout Troop 30075 Brings Flower Blessings to Northwest Iowa
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Girl Scout Troop 30075 Brings Flower Blessings to Northwest Iowa

Troop 30075 in Northwest Iowa spends each spring and summer with their hands in the dirt. Their dirty hands result in beautiful, blooming bouquets.

For the past three years, the troop of 11 girls has grown flowers in their community garden.

Tammy Bonnema, Troop Co-Leader, says the idea came about because the girls loved to watch things grow. “We grow some flowers by seed and some by plants. Some work really well and some don’t so we have learned by trial and error,” she says.

Bonnema and her co-leader, Sarah Weber, lead the girls through the project each spring. May is for plotting and planting. Harvesting goes from July through October, while weeding and maintenance is constant. The troop spends the summer grooming and raising the flowers.

The girls create bouquets and deliver them with Flower Blessing tags to those who need a little blessing in their lives.

“They learn that hard work can be rewarding, and it teaches them empathy - to be on the lookout for those that need a little blessing. Plus, it gives them self-confidence when having conversations while they are delivering flowers,” said Bonnema.

Emma, one of the Girl Scouts in the troop, enjoys planting, weeding, and giving flowers to others. This fall, Troop 30075 is looking forward to continuing the Flower Blessings in addition to other projects and activities.

“We love that the programs are designed to get girls out learning, being creative, and exploring. The sky is the limit when it comes to what they can learn. Our community has been a great partner, allowing the girls access to different businesses in Orange City. Anything the girls want to learn, businesses open their doors,” said Bonnema.