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Juliette Group Account Fund Request

Complete this form to request funds from the Juliette Group Account. Only currently registered Juliettes (individually registered members) who have no debt with the council may request funds.

Funds may be used to help cover the cost of highest awards, camp, and programs. The cost of deposits of camp are not eligible. Requests may be granted partially or fully, and although every attempt will be made to honor a request, no funds are guaranteed nor do Juliettes have a right to any certain amount. Preference will be given to Juliettes seeking highest awards and those who have participated in Product Programs.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

For Highest Awards

Before requesting funds to support a Highest Awards project, the project information should be submitted according to the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award Checklists. Silver and Gold Award Projects must be approved before starting the project.

If the amount requested is $100 or less, the council will reimburse the costs in the form of a check. A copy of the receipt must be submitted.

If the amount requested is more than $100 for an item, an invoice for the amount must be submitted to the council and the council will pay the invoice directly.

For Camp or Programs

Funds may be requested to cover all or some of the cost for camp (excluding deposits) or programs found on our Event List or Event Calendar. (Does not apply to "Discount Events," which are purchased through an outside organization.) 

Juliettes must use all of their Program Credits (Munch Money, Cookie Dough, and/or Juliette Program Credits) before applying to use the Juliette Group Account to cover these costs. 


Juliette Parents/Guardians, please select one or more of the options that you are requesting Juliette Group Account funds to cover. Complete the additional questions below for each type of funding that you are requesting.

 Cost of Highest Awards
 Cost of Camp (excluding deposits)
 Cost of Programs
Funding Request for Highest Awards

Complete the following section if requesting funds for highest awards. For requests under $100, please submit the receipt(s) along with this form. For requests over $100, please submit the invoice to be paid directly.

Funding Request for Camp

Complete the following section if requesting funds for camp (excluding deposits). To guarantee your spot at your desired camp session you must have started your camp registration and paid the deposit. If your fund request should be denied we will reimburse your deposit.

Funding Request for Programs

Complete the following section if requesting funds for programs. Requests for program costs will only be considered for those programs that are at least 2 weeks away. You MUST call us at 800-342-8389 to start the registration process and guarantee your spot while waiting for your fund request approval.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.