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Cookie Relief Fund

Our most valuable resource is and always will be our people, including our volunteers, girl and family members, and our employees. GSGI is committed to actions that maintain the health and well-being of our community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the outlook of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. While the program has been extended for our members, the reality is our new world doesn’t allow for the cookie program to go on as it has for 100 years with girls going door-to-door and holding cookie booths in local stores, greeting customers with a warm smile. Our girls and volunteers have thousands of boxes of cookies to sell or donate, or ultimately bring back to GSGI. The Cookie Program funds programs and services for our members, so having unsold cookies means there will be a severe financial impact for everyone.

As cookie sales are affected, so are the futures of our Girl Scouts' experiences. Summer camp, future programming, troop finances, and scholarships for low-income Girl Scouts all take a hit when cookies are left unsold. You can help by supporting the Cookie Relief Fund and ensuring girls don’t lose out on the fantastic experiences that cookie sales provide.

We are seeking community support from friends and business partners to underwrite the cost of the remaining Girl Scout cookie inventory that will be donated in local communities. Girl Scout troops will be selling virtually as they are able and Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa will donate the remaining cookies to local food pantries, healthcare workers, and first responders. Please support the Cookie Relief Fund today! 

Psst...just want to buy cookies? You can do that here. 

For your reference, an unsold case of cookies (12 packages) is a $48 expense for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa. Due to the suspension of the cookie program, we estimate that we will have 15,000 to 25,000 of unsold cases of cookies this year. Here is how your support will impact Girl Scouts directly:  

 $48, the cost of one unsold case of cookies, will provide a scholarship to a girl attending an overnight camp. 

 $144, the cost of three unsold cases of cookies, will provide a scholarship for a year of membership and a camp scholarship for a girl in need. 

 $240, the cost of five unsold cases of cookies, will fund the necessary training to onboard new troop leaders in fall 2020 and equip them with the skills to lead a Girl Scout troop. 

 $480, the cost of ten unsold cases of cookies, will fund the expenses associated with hosting a STEM learning event for a group of 20 Girl Scouts.  

 $1,056, the cost of 22 unsold cases of cookies, provides scholarships for four middle school Girl Scouts embarking on a life-changing backpacking adventure in Iowa’s Yellow River State Forest. 

$2,880, the cost of 60 unsold cases of cookies, funds a six-week outreach program for 12 girls. Outreach programs aim to serve girls from underserved communities, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to join Girl Scouts. 

Thank you for your support!

Ways to Give

Become a GEM (Giver Every Month)!

Your investment can go further when you sign up to become a GEM Donor (Giver Every Month)! When you become a GEM, you empower Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to become sustainable in our commitment to girls across Iowa. Give each month effortlessly through our secure automatic withdrawal system, at any level you desire. Your investment powers our commitment to ensuring every girl reaches her fullest potential.

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As a member of the GEM Club, donors receive special perks throughout the year. Upon signing up, each GEM receives a custom GEM patch.

When you become a GEM, you empower Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to become sustainable in our commitment to girls across Iowa. We believe every girl has an important role to play. When girls succeed, so does society. Thank you for considering a monthly investment in our commitment to building girls of courage, confidence and character.


Amazon Wishlist - Give Something Real

Looking for a more tangible way to support girls on their Girl Scout adventure? Head over to our Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Amazon Wish List, which features a wide range of items - big and small - that will help us impact girls all across the council.

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Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa hosts girls from across the state at two different camps each summer; Camp Tanglefoot in Clear Lake and Camp Sacajawea in Boone. With nearly 3,000 girls spending time at camp each year, it’s important to have high quality gear and supplies. Life jackets, grills, s’mores sticks, tents and hammocks. Yarn, craft paper, and paint. Boots, helmets and horse supplies. The list is endless and the opportunity for you to support thousands of girls in this unique way is easier than ever. Purchas an item from our Amazon Wish List and it will be automatically sent to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to be put to use immediately.

We appreciate your support in supplying our girls with the tools and gear they need to build courage, confidence and character.


Become a Dream Builder - Leave a Lasting Impact

By becoming a Dream Builder, you invest in supporting the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence and character. As a Dream Builder, you commit to $5,000 to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa over a span of five years.

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Girls today want to be our future leaders. Girl Scouts gives girls the opportunities and resources to realize their potential, take on leadership roles and excel in our communities. Your commitment of $5,000 over a span of five years helps us support their journey in a sustainable manner.


Dream Builder names are added to the Dream Builder plaque in our Des Moines Leadership Center.

When you become a Dream Builder, you make a HUGE impact, and provide girls in Iowa with amazing opportunities to grow as leaders in their communities, to make the world a better place.



Juliette Gordon Low Society - Continue Your Girl Scout Legacy

You can have a truly lasting impact on Girl Scouts in Iowa through a bequest - a gift from your estate - a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. 

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This lasting gift will also grant you membership in the Juliette Gordon Low Society, where you will be recognized as a Girl Scout supporter for decades to come.

As a JGL Society member, you will be invited to attend special recognition and educational events. Other benefits include a subscription to the Society newsletter, listing as a Society member in select Girl Scout publications, access to digital resources, and a special membership lapel pin.

Once you have taken the steps to include Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa in your will or trust, fill out the Letter of Bequest Intent Form so that we may recognize your incredible gift to Iowa's girls!


In March 1912, Juliette Gordon Low gathered just a few girls to begin the Girl Scouts. Juliette's outstanding leadership was matched by her stewardship when she converted the carriage house of her home into the first Girl Scout national headquarters, and she gifted the property to Girl Scouts in her will.

Juliette's bequest was the beginning of planned giving to Girl Scouts. In her memory, the Juliette Gordon Low Society was established to thank and honor friends of Girl Scouting who choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacies and a beneficiary of their estate plans.


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To mail in a donation, please address to:
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To donate over the phone, please call 800-342-8389.