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Service Unit/Troop Events

Swim parties! Ceramics! Fishing! Spa days!

Service units and troops are always hosting new and exciting activities for Girl Scouts in your communities. Now, it's easier than ever for your volunteer-led and girl-led activities to be shared across the council. 

1. Girls and adults work together to plan a fun event, following the Safety Activity Checkpoints

2. A volunteer fills out the Event Listing Request Form with your activity name, description, cost, and details at least four weeks before the activity. 

3. Your service unit or troop event can be listed on our online Event Calendar, and open for online registration for members across the council. Girls will even be able to use Cookie Dough, Juliette Program Credits, and Munch Money to sign up!

4. Prior to the event, you'll receive a roster of registered members, and payment for registrations received. 

5. Have a great time!