It's Your Story - Tell It!  Journey

Girl Scout Daisy - 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!

Girl Scout Brownie - A World of Girls

Girl Scout Junior - aMUSE

Girl Scout Cadette - MEdia

Girl Scout Senior - Mission: Sisterhood!

Girl Scout Ambassador - Bilss:  Live it! Give it!

Statement of Trust (Girl Scouts of the USA)

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The Girl Scout leadership journey series, It's Your Story – Tell It! offers a fun, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to building girls' leadership. Self-esteem is a natural by-product of this particular journey because, through storytelling and creative expression, girls gain a better understanding of themselves and their potential, and develop confidence to become leaders in their own lives and in the world.

Girl Scout Daisy 

5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!

Daisies learn just how much they can care for animals and for themselves—and just how good that makes them feel.  5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals! will also introduce Daisies to the stories of the flower friends: Daisy, Sunny, Tula, Gloria, Gerri, Rosie, Vi, Clover, Mari, Lupe and Zinni. Each flower friend corresponds to a value in the Girl Scout Law.



  • Birdbath Award - Daisies learn to care for animals and for themselves
  • Red Robin Award - Daisies use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals
  • Tula Award - Daisies gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care

Girl Scout Brownie 

A World of Girls

Stories are all around us – in movies, in books, in television shows, advertisements, on the news and even on cereal boxes. Stories inspire. Stories motivate. Stories spark imagination and help girls learn about themselves and the world.  A World of Girls helps engage Brownies in this wider world or stories in a way that gets them looking for clues to help make the world a better place.  With some help from Brownie Elf along the way, girls see how they can create positive change in the world—change that affects girls.



  • Hear a Story Award - Brownies see that stories hold clues for how to better the world
  • Change a Story Award - Brownies realize they have the power to change things for the better for girls in the world
  • Tell a Story Award - Brownies have the confidence and knowledge to educate and inspire others
  • Better World for Girls! Award - Brownies understand they belong to a large and far-reaching world of girls

Girl Scout Junior 


Juniors learn just how many roles are open to them in the world and the possibilities those roles open for them.  Whether they want to fly a plane, lead a rock band or win a gold medal, aMUSE helps girls take center stage and try out more roles than they ever thought possible, with a little help from Dez and the Muses.  As they find out there is more to their story, girls may feel stronger, walk taller and gain confidence!



  • Reach Out! Award - Juniors understand the many roles women and girls play in the world around them and the leadership skills used to play them
  • Speak Out! Award - Juniors are aware of how stereotypes could hold themselves, and others back from trying on roles, and they Take Action to help stop stereotypes
  • Try Out! Award - Juniors have the courage, and confidence to try out new roles

Girl Scout Cadette  


Cadettes look for the ME in media and learn how they can shape media—for themselves, their community and the world.  Stories are told everywhere and in all kinds of formats – in movies by big Hollywood studios, online by bloggers and through social networks, through the clothes chosen by stylists for a fashion spread in a magazine, through the photos chosen by a newspaper editor. MEdia helps girls think about who is responsible for telling all the stories they see around them and how can use their story to help "re-make" the forms of media they see around them.



  • Monitor Award - Cadettes have taken stock of media in their world and the influence it has
  • Influence Award - Cadettes understand the importance of having media reflect the realities of their world
  • Cultivate Award - Cadettes have made a personal commitment to cultivate a new perspective on media

Cadettes can take a leadership role with Brownies LiA (Leader in Action) Award

Girl Scout Cadettes have an opportunity to put their skills to work assisting Girl Scout Brownies on their Journey. Brownies (and their volunteers!) will appreciate having Cadettes along on the journey, and Cadettes will benefit from having the opportunity to have a position of responsibility. All the steps to the award are in the Cadette LiA letter found in the Adult Guide for both the Cadette and Brownie journeys. Your Girl Scout council is a great resource to identify Cadettes who might be interested in earning this award.

Correction to MEdia girl book (download replacement pages):


Girl Scout Senior   

Mission: Sisterhood!

When it comes to sisterhood, what girls start can spiral outward and change the world. Through Mission: Sisterhood! girls see the stories of sisterhood all around them and grow as leaders by widening their networks and broadening their world.

 Awards - Sisterhood Award - Seniors understand the power of sisterhood in their own lives and in the world. Girls define a sisterhood issue, create a plan for how to Take Action and put it in place!

Girl Scout Ambassador   

BLISS: Live It! Give It!

Ambassadors learn to dream big, now and for their future, and begin their legacy as leaders who help others achieve their dreams too. As they prepare to move from high school into the next phase of their lives, BLISS helps girls navigate life's twists and turns in order realize their dreams – whether she wants to win a Gold Medal discover a vaccine that cures a disease or run for president.

Awards - Dream Maker Award - Ambassadors understand the bliss they can achieve by helping others with their dreams, and realize that a leader pursues her own dreams and makes it possible for others to do the same.

Statement of Trust  (Girl Scouts of the USA) 

Girl Scouts of the USA creates national program materials to serve our vast and diverse community of girls. To help bring topics "off the page and into life," we sometimes provide girls — and their volunteers — with suggestions about what people across the country and around the world are doing, as well as movies, books, music, web pages, and more that might spark girl interest.

At Girl Scouts of the USA, we know that not every example or suggestion we provide will work for every girl, family, volunteer, or community.

In partnership with those who assist you with your Girl Scout group, including parents, faith groups, schools, and community organizations, we trust you to choose "real life topic experts" from your community, as well as movies, books, music, websites and other opportunities that are most appropriate for the girls in your area and that will enrich their Girl Scout activities.

Thank you for all you do to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to life with girls, so that they become leaders in their own lives—and the future leaders the world needs!