Tips for a Successful Sale

Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies
has surpassed Oreos as the
#1 Selling cookie in the
United States as of March 2012!


5 of the top selling cookies in the
United States are Girl Scout Cookies!

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  • Be Creative!! Let the girls think of fun and new ways to sell cookies.
  • Get Organized! Cookie volunteers must be very organized. Keeping all paperwork filed by date, tracking all girls sales and transfers in Snap (the online cookie system), keeping the girl’s cookie money organized, and follow cookie deadlines set by Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.
  • Ask for HELP! Don’t be afraid to ask parents to help aid in the cookie program. No one is expected to run the program alone. Get your parents involved!
  • Think Ahead! Plan out your cookie sale season. How many cookie booths does your troop plan to hold? Where and how are you going to sell your cookies? This will help you troop with the initial cookie order. Always order MORE of the top varieties (Thin Mints, Caramel De Lites, and Peanut Butter Patties) these will always sell!
  • Get your Parents Organized and Motivated! If your girls’ parents are not on board then your troop will struggle with a successful cookie sale. Always hold a parent meeting to keep your parents informed. Get them to work with your girls, help set sales goals, plan a troop event to work towards, make sure they know how to contact the Troop Leader. Make sure they are well informed on where and how to pick up extra cookies and when to turn in the money.