Safety Forms

Internet and Social Media Guidelines and Permission

Internet / Social Media Usage Guidelines for Girl Scouts

Internet Photograph Permission Form

Internet Safety Pledge

Photo/Artwork Release


Parental Permission Forms (for extra things your troop does)

Parent Permission Form


Safety Activity Checkpoints (replaces Safety-Wise)

Safety Activity Checkpoints


Emergency Procedures (lists what to do in case of an emergency)

Full Page         Business Card Size


Additional Insurance Documents

Council General Insurance Guidelines (full file)
for leaders to understand what to do when hosting an event or taking trips

Additional/Supplemental Insurance Guidelines and Procedures

Basic Coverage Brochure (English) or (Spanish)

Insurance Claim Form (English) or (Spanish)

Plan 2 (English) - Accident Coverage Only

Plan 3E (English) - Accident and Sickness Coverage (Excess)

Plan 3P (English) - Accident and Sickness Coverage (Primary)

Plan 3PI (English) - Accident and Sickness Coverage (Primary International)

How to File a Claim

Claim Form

Fraud Statement