Girl Stories: Three Girl Scouts Receive Gold Awards
Girl Stories: Three Girl Scouts Receive Gold Awards — 

Every year, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts make their world a better place through the hard work and dedication that Gold Award projects take. Three GSGI Girl Scouts changed their communities and earned their Gold Awards this fall!

Cassie W. from Vermillion, SD

Cassie saw a need in her community surrounding the value of good nutrition, and decided to take action by educating children in a low income day care about the value of nutrition. Cassie didn’t just hold a class or talk to the children—she created a path by a garden at the day care center so the children and adults were able to plant, weed, and harvest their own produce!

She built and painted indoor planting boxes for the day care as well, so the children could tend to them and have produce all year round, and built a shed for them in order to make sure that they had the tools and supplies they needed to make their garden grow. Well done, Cassie!

Rachael M. from Ames, IA

Rachael found that her community was missing out on years of the rich history of her church and community, so she decided to take on the process of preserving that history for all future generations!

She spent countless hours preserving 100-year-old historic documents and photographs digitally and storing them on flash drives so no one would miss out on the history of her community. Great job, Rachael! 

Sharrie S. from Vermillion, SD

Sharrie felt that literacy in low income children was a concern for her community, and she decided to tackle the issue head-on. Sharie creating a walking library for kids in a low income day care, so they could have full access to books in a way that they hadn’t been able to before.  She collected book donations from her community, and purchased some with her own funds! also integrated Spanish books to promote cultural diversity in her town. Way to go, Sharrie! 

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