Girl Stories: Food Bank Award — 

Troops Honored with Award for Food Bank Project

Eleven girls, two troops, one city, huge impact. 

When the girls of Troop 28 and Troop 150 started working on their respective Bronze and Silver awards, they meshed these together to develop an outstanding plan.  They gathered research from three local food pantries and discovered that it is often difficult for patrons to creatively use the food that they are given in a healthy way.  With the help of the Iowa State Extension and a Hy-Vee Dietician, they created 50 healthy and kid friendly recipes in a cookbook, which they titled, You Are What You Eat. 

“Our mission is to make affordable, healthy, and quick recipes available to all people and families,” the girls explain. “Most of the recipes in it utilize ingredients that are typically found in food pantries or purchased inexpensively in grocery stores.” 

They also wanted to make sure that the cookbook was free for those that utilize food pantries.  In order to make that happen, they sold some books to pay for the printing and distributing of more.  They are also working with community groups to help with future printing costs. 

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed in their community, either.  This past spring, they were given the Story County Youth Volunteer Award, and on November 14 they received the 2013 Outstanding Youth Philanthropist Award for Story County.   Congratulations, girls!

To learn more about this amazing project, visit the website that they created at