Girl Stories: Cookies to Summer Camp — 

"I made enough Cookie Dough to pay for almost three camp sessions!" says Gracie, a Girl Scout Junior from Ames.

During last year's cookie program, Gracie sold over 800 boxes of cookies, which helped her go to her favorite summer camp session: Pony Tails! Do you want to go to camp with Cookie Dough too? Check out Gracie’s tips below!

Gracie’s Tips for a Great Cookie Program:

  • Set your goals and plan ahead! I wanted to sell over 800 boxes of cookies, so I figured out that I would have to sell about 25 boxes a day (with some days off for family time).
  • Be aware! I learned that people in our neighborhood get home from work after 5pm, so I would wait until after 5 to go door-to-door to sell cookies with my parents. This way I don’t waste time knocking on doors when no one is home.
  • Practice, practice, practice! It was helpful for me to practice my sales pitch with my family members.