Greater Iowa Greats — 

Who are Greater Iowa Greats?
Greater Iowa Greats are our treasured alumnae and current Girl Scout members from Greater Iowa.  In fact, you may be a Girl Scout Great. If you are a Gold Award recipient, a dedicated volunteer, a celebrity, a transformational leader, or a current Girl Scout who is making a difference in your community then we want to hear your story!


How does it work?
We want to let the whole world know about all of the amazing things you're doing! We will choose one ‘Great’ to feature on our website, on our social media channels, and in our ‘Connect’ and ‘Volunteer News' Newsletters each month. Your stories will invite people to learn more, re-engage and to support Girl Scouts.

How do I nominate someone?

  • Send us your nominee’s age, troop number (if applicable) and hometown. (Your nominee can be a girl or adult.)
  • In 150 words or less, explain why you think your nominee deserves to be our next ‘Greater Iowa Great.’
  • Please include a photo of the girl or adult you are nominating.  Size Requirements: Minimum of 500 KB
  • Include your name and contact info.

There are three different ways to submit your nomination:

  • Send the information via email.
  • Include your information in a Word document, attach the document to an email.
  • You can mail us the nomination at:
    Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
    10715 Hickman Road
    Des Moines, Iowa 50322

Every Girl Scout has a story, and your unique story is important to us!

Do you remember...

  • The first time you went to camp with your sister Girl Scouts?
  • An exciting field trip or travel adventure?
  • The first time you asked someone to buy a box of cookies?
  • The volunteers who made it all possible?

Whatever your story is, we'd love to hear it! If you would like to submit your story, please email it to us with pictures and/or videos. We will contact you to obtain further information if needed (select stories, used with permission, will be gathered for Girl Scout promotion, Facebook entries, and/or our Blog).

NOTE: Please use for general comments not pertaining to your story.