Girl Stories: Girl Scouts Go Places! — 

Bonnie, a Girl Scout alumna from Sioux City, wants to share how her past involvement in Girl Scouts has led her to so many exciting adventures!  Her journey has now taken her to Buena Vista University (BVU) in Storm Lake, IA., and her next adventure is set to begin.

Bonnie is currently raising funds to travel to Costa Rica through BVU to study sea turtles and their environment.  Bonnie states that the fundraising efforts have taken her back to her cookie selling days. 

“I recall saying to people in my group, ‘Yeah, I was a Girl Scout and sold cookies for 13 years - I got this!’ There is a confidence that comes with selling cookies or nuts that you don’t really know is happening, but it does,” Bonnie said. “Starting cookie sales in 1st grade was scary, but as the years progressed I was able to communicate better with people, think of strategies to effectively sell and distribute, and keep everything organized. Which all the skills I was building and using then, I use now.”

Bonnie took a lot of trips as a girl involved with Girl Scouts.  Many were within her tri-state area as well as a memorable trip to the National Girl Scout Conference in Houston, Texas in 2011.  While she never traveled internationally before, she was given the confidence to take on these new challenges.  In fact, she has just returned from another trip to Chile when she decided to go to Costa Rica.

 “I wanted to do something that I wasn’t able to do here in Iowa and I wanted to learn how I can help advocate and bring importance about sea turtles back home and show how they are worthy of distinction.” 

While Bonnie has not fully decided what she will major in at BVU, she has narrowed it down to studying something involving science.   

“The opportunities that I have gotten through Girl Scouting such as summer camp, local events, and completing my Bronze, Silver, and Gold award have all contributed to who I am today and my passions. I like to do many different things, which is making it difficult to choose a career path. I am for sure going to do something in the science field. I also think that my interest in science has been influenced by Girl Scouts due to their commitment to educating girls and young women about careers in science and showing/giving confidence that even though men are prominent in a particular field that women can be too!”

Bonnie attributes Girl Scouts to helping her become a student leader on campus – and it shows!  Thank you, Bonnie, for taking what you have learned through Girl Scouts to the next level as you become a positive, influential leader who is making the world a better place!