Juliette Guidelines  (click here for Guidebook)

According to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), in order to be in compliance with the IRS, we can not offer Juliettes dollar for dollar rewards for product sales and must offer ranges at which these girls earn program credit instead. Juliettes will still earn recognitions as outlined in the Product Program guides.

1.  Girl Scout Juliettes can fully participate in Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa’s Fall Product and Cookie Programs if they are in good financial standing with the Council.

2.  Your parents/guardians will need to sign the Parent/Guardian Permission Form for Girl Scout Juliettes and submit forms to the Des Moines Leadership Center.  This form is located in the Leadership Center or with your Service Unit Chair.

3.  Recognitions and Cookie Dough* accounts will be sent to a Girl Scout Juliette after all collected money has been turned in and the balance due to Council is paid in full. *Cookie Dough can be earned by every Girl Scout who participates in the Cookie Program regardless of troop affiliation and expires in September of each year. Details can be found in the Cookie Program materials.

Product Program Guidelines for Girl Scout Juliettes:

1.  Girl Scout Juliette Product Program proceeds are handled by the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Des Moines Leadership Center. All monies collected are turned in to their local Service Unit Product Chair and then to the nearest Leadership Center or mailed in to the Des Moines Leadership Center via certified mail, UPS, or Fed-Ex.

2.  The Girl Scout Juliette and her family must be current with any financial obligation to the Council (no shortage from past program proceeds, outstanding checks, etc.).

3.  The Girl Scout Juliette must have a signed Parent/Guardian Permission Form on file with the SU Product Chair or the Des Moines Leadership Center to participate. Girls whose parents live separately but will both be assisting their Girl Scout should have both parents sign separate forms and will receive separate order cards.

4.  Girl Scout Juliettes must respect and follow all program policies, dates, and expectations of the program and is on her honor at all times.

5.  Product Program credits earned by the Girl Scout Juliette are loaded onto a Juliette account which expires September 15 of each membership year. These credits can be used for travel, membership dues, or program fees. It may be applied to the following while she is still a registered girl member:

  • Purchases of any ‘girl’ items from a Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa Council Shop and/or Camp Trading Post. Program Credits may not be used to purchase items for adults.
  • Program fees for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa programs.
  • Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa travel opportunities, destinations, or other Girl Scout-sanctioned and approved trips.
  • Fees for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa resident camp or day camp at any of the Council camps.
  • Girl Scouts of the USA Membership Dues (including graduating seniors paying for Adult Lifetime Membership).
  • Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa-sponsored events or activities.

6.  Program credits may NOT be used for

  • Non-Girl Scout program, adult and/or volunteer items, or any items/programs that are not Girl Scout related.
  • Purchases through other Girl Scout Councils or Girl Scouts of the USA shops, websites, or catalogs.
  • Anything not listed in #5.

7.  Juliette cards will be issued annually after the Fall Product Program and loaded with your Juliette’s rewards. Additional rewards earned through participation in the Cookie Program will be automatically loaded onto the card, which will expire on Sept. 15.  Juliette Cards cannot be redeemed for cash at any time.

8. A record of Juliette Program Credit account numbers are maintained by Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa in Des Moines. At no time are the Juliette Cards eligible to be redeemed for cash.


Juliette Guidebook