Girl Advisory Committee

Are you a leader?

Do you have creative ideas?

Do you like to represent others?

Do you have a passion for Girl Scouts?

If you are interested in being a part of our Girl Advisory Committee, please email us (program @



The Girl Advisory Committee is girl-led and dedicated to serving as the council’s voice for all Girl Scout Senior and Ambassador age girls in our Greater Iowa jurisdiction. By being girl-led, the committee will enrich the lives of all girls through meetings, leadership projects, and living by the Girl Scout Law. By lending a voice to a movement that wants, needs, and values girl-led contributions, these young leaders will play a significant role in shaping the ongoing work of Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.


This select group of girls will work as an advisory group, partnering with staff members on projects ranging from program development to research and merchandising. By facilitating youth-adult partnerships, these leadership opportunities help these young women to influence decision-making processes in Girl Scouting.

Structure of Committee:

  • Members serving on this prestigious committee must be registered as a Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador
    (in grades 9-12).
  • The Committee will consist of 25 girls, five representatives from each Leadership Center area
    (Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Mason City, Sioux City).

Committee Responsibilities:
The committee will:

  • Serve as a voice for girls in Girl Scouts.
  • Communicate the girls’ voice regarding the Girl Scout experience in support of the Girl Scout mission.
  • To represent girls in their geographic area and assemble valuable feedback.

Values Statement:


  • The Girl Advisory Committee will discover ways to gain practical life skills and use critical thinking to connect with local Girl Scouts, in hopes of bettering their Girl Scout experience.


  • The Girl Advisory Committee will feel connected to their communities, locally and globally, as well as using our team building skills to bring programs and leadership experiences to our local troops.

Take Action

  • The Girl Advisory Committee will take action by being an advocate for themselves and others, locally and globally. We will educate and inspire others to act

Time Commitment:

  • Committee appointment is a two year commitment; we will meet at least once a month. (Everyone’s voice and input is crucial – we will use video or phone conferencing if time and location is an issue.) Girls in 12th grade can apply and serve a one year term.
  • Beyond normal meeting times, you’ll be asked to help with projects and events.