BJ - Animal Homes

03/16/2014 - 03/16/2014

Animal Homes

1 - 4 p.m.    
Grades 2-5     

Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, 1838 Hwy 86, Milford, IA 51351

Animals are everywhere and their habitats are all very different.  Many animals use what is available in their natural environment to make their homes.  Investigate an animal habitat, find out more about wild animals that live in Iowa, and even help protect animal’s homes. You may also get to create your own animal house! We will be completing at least one step of the Junior Animal Habitats badge and the Brownie Bugs badge. 

Girl Cost: $ 7

Adult Cost: $ 7

Max:  30 girls / 30 adults

Registration Close: 2/28/14

Contact Office: Fort Dodge

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