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Building Bridges for Girl Scouts

Bridging, a long-held Girl Scout tradition, is an important transition in a Girl Scout’s life. Taking place at the beginning or end of the Girl Scout year, girls “bridge” to the next level by walking across some sort of a bridge-like platform. Girls bridge from Daisy to Brownie, Brownie to Junior, Junior to Cadette, and so on.

Troop 00324, full of 15 spirited Junior Girl Scouts, was preparing to embark on their Bronze Award Project in fall 2019 when they decided to take action on an issue and give back to fellow Girl Scouts.

“Our Service Unit bridge was getting old and we knew it was going to need replaced at some point…We decided to take action and build the Service Unit a new bridge and while we were at it, make one for council that they could loan out to other Service Units or troops who may not have one,” said Jennifer Sedlock, the Troop Leader.

Through this project, Troop 00342 learned business skills as they raised money to buy supplies. They learned more about engineering and woodworking as they measured and cut lumber (with an adult’s help!) They also learned teamwork as they worked together to brainstorm, draft, and design their project.

“When they had a couple setbacks during the project…they pushed ahead and spent multiple days and hours to complete it on time. This taught them that when life happens, as long as you work together, you can accomplish great things,” said Sedlock.

Troop member Aubrie said, “Building our bridges was a lot of fun…I was very proud of myself and my troop and was excited to get my Bronze Award."

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