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Samantha Montalvo - Super Leader


According to Girl Scout Troop Leader Samantha Montalvo, Girl Scouts is all about trying new things.

That’s what she tells her Girl Scouts, and that’s exactly what they do!

A former Girl Scout herself, Samantha was a leader for her daughter’s troop years ago and now enjoys leading her granddaughter’s troop. She leads a Junior troop and a Daisy troop and sees girls step out of their comfort zones over the course of each year.

Based in the Sioux City area, Samantha's troops love doing badge work, earning funds through the Fall and Cookie Programs, and learning new skills. She says the girls beam with pride after working so hard to earn badges.

Her troops include many girls from lower income families - girls who wouldn’t be getting these types of experiences elsewhere. But this past year, the troops worked hard through the Fall and Cookie Programs to make enough money to take a camping trip. This was a life changing experience for some of the girls.

Samantha has endless stories of the rewarding experience of seeing one of her Girl Scouts try something new. This past year, one girl who often sits out or says no to new adventures, climbed to new heights – literally – as she climbed a rock wall. Another example of a life changing experience for a Girl Scout.

Samantha says she gets goosebumps when thinking of those moments.

“So many girls wouldn’t have a voice if they didn’t have Girl Scouts. Wouldn’t be able to open up, share, and try new things,” she says.

Her Junior troop uses those voices each year with one of their biggest projects. The troop adopts a family every year. The girls learn what the family needs, then does the research and planning to make sure the family gets the items they need. She says the girls love being able to plan that and make a difference for other families in the community.

Montalvo feels strongly about the importance of Girl Scouts.

“The most important thing about Girl Scouts is the experience," she says. "You can learn things from textbooks, but a lot of us learn more from using all of our senses. If you experience everything Girl Scouts has to offer, we teach these girls not only how to be leaders, but how to be philanthropists, businesswomen, scientists, and so much more."

As a donor, now is the time for YOU to jump in and support Girl Scouts like those in Samantha's troops. Now is the time to help build girls of courage, confidence and character. Now is the time to make the world a better place. What are you waiting for?

“Girl Scouts may not impact these girls with life or death situations like feeding the hungry, but it changes them for the rest of their life. One of those 36 girls that would get financial assistance could be the next generations’ president,” says Montalvo.

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