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Prairie Meadows Donates $2,672 to Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa


Prairie Meadows recently awarded Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa a Community Betterment Grant totaling $2,672. The grant will help fund the “I Want to Be…” pilot troops, which pair local women who are experts in their fields with local girls. Prairie Meadows is a nonprofit business dedicated to lessening the burden of government by promoting economic development, jobs, agriculture, and tourism in the state of Iowa.

“Girls cannot aspire to what they cannot see or imagine,” said Beth Shelton, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa CEO. “Exposure to successful women from a diversity of backgrounds, in a variety of careers, will broaden what girls see for themselves in their futures. We are so thankful to Prairie Meadows for granting us the opportunity to continue this impactful project.”

The Community Betterment Grant enables Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa to fund two additional “I Want to Be…” troops. The project inspires girls to dream bigger for themselves by offering opportunities to learn from professional women in the community. Girls not only gain courage, confidence, and character, they see how these skills can help them become anything they can dream. Each month, professional women throughout the community lead a troop meeting to inspire and empower these girls to change the world. Troop leaders teach girls about their profession, lead them through activities, and teach them invaluable skills, all while showing girls that they can imagine more for themselves.

“At Prairie Meadows, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of those living in Central Iowa. We are proud and excited to support this and many other projects in our community,” said Julie Stewart, Prairie Meadows’ Director of Community Relations. 

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To get involved in Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa’s “I Want to Be…” troops, please contact us at for more information.