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Kelly Brummond Gives Time, Talent, and Treasure to Girl Scouts - With the Help of a Workplace Designation


Kelly Brummond is a five-year troop leader veteran, with her daughter Stella’s Girl Scout troop. Over those five years, the girls have earned badges, sold cookies, and grown in their leadership skills. As the troop co-leader and product manager, Kelly spends a lot of time on Girl Scout stuff. From organizing cookie orders, to leading activities and teaching songs, you’d likely consider her an all-star Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa (GSGI) supporter. But, there’s even more.

Through a program run her employer, Kelly has helped Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa receive nearly $20,000 – just in the last year!

“It is rewarding to not only give of my time to volunteer, but to help the non-profit out financially,” Kelly said.

Kelly works for Wellmark in Des Moines. Through their BluesCare Giving program, every 24 hours that Brummond volunteers in her community, she can designate $1,000 to the nonprofit of her choice. So, by volunteering for Girl Scouts, she’s also supporting GSGI financially.

“It is a great feeling to work for a company that prides itself on commitment and support for the community,” she said.

The money she designates to GSGI goes straight back to her troop – giving girls in her troop many opportunities.

“Our troop has been talking about going to Savannah to visit the birthplace of Girl Scout Founder, Juliette Gordon Low, since they were in Kindergarten. The money that I have been able to donate back to our troop will help them pay for the costs of the trip this next summer. This helps them lessen the burden of fundraising and asking parents for contributions,” she said.

Brummond is a great example of giving to GSGI – with her time, talent, and treasures.

“Volunteering gives you a greater sense of purpose and greater satisfaction in life. I would encourage more people to get involved with a charity that means something to them and matches their passion and interests,” she said.

Supporters of all kinds make an impact in girls’ lives across Iowa. Whether you give your time and talents volunteering, or you give to financially support GSGI, you’re making a difference.