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Girl Scout Troop at MICAH House Homeless Shelter Takes Off!

Girl Scouts Cookie Booth Croped

It’s no secret that when you buy a box of Girl Scout cookies, you help a young girl develop life skills such as goal setting, money management and people skills; that’s what Girl Scouts is all about! But this year, a new Girl Scout troop in Council Bluffs took it to a new level, creating a truly life-changing experience for young girls.

Like many troops, these girls interacted with their community to sell cookies at booth sales. Like many troops, these girls wore their sashes and smiles with pride. And like many troops, these girls gained confidence and practiced their leadership skills.

But unlike many troops, these girls’ troop meetings are held where they eat, sleep and live; The MICAH House, an emergency homeless shelter that serves families in Southwest Iowa and the Omaha-Metro area.

Jaymes Sime, executive director of The MICAH House, wanted girls at the shelter to have the opportunity to be a part of Girl Scouts. So, in collaboration with Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa and with the support of generous donors and community partners, the girls were able to dive in – right in the middle of cookie season!

The MICAH House troop sold 720 boxes of cookies over the four weeks. The money earned through cookie sales will help them fund future Girl Scout projects and trips, with girls who leave the shelter being given the opportunity to come back and be a part of the adventure.

“We haven’t decided exactly how we are using the money. It’ll help continue the program and maybe some kind of experience this summer,” said Kayla Terrillion, a Child Program Specialist at the MICAH House.

While the excitement of cookie sales is always a rush for our Girl Scouts, we also like to focus on how the girls have grown through the Cookie Program. The MICAH House troop, like all Girl Scouts, were given the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with other girls. They were able to learn essential life skills in an important time in their lives; learning how to set goals, manage money and work with customers.

Girl Scouts is proud to help create such impactful opportunities for young girls; at the MICAH House and beyond. Troop 64224 at The Micah House will continue serving its Girl Scouts beyond cookie season, thanks to countless donors and volunteers.

“The community support has been amazing! People have donated money and their time to help the girls. We even had a man that lives at the men’s shelter down the road donate the coins he had in his pocket one day when he walked by and saw our [cookie] booth,” said Terrillion.

You can support financial aid for outreach and programs like Troop 64224 with a one-time or monthly gift, or by donating your change. Learn more on our website!